Store surplus electricity generated by your PV system with solar battery storage – for even more energy independence

Solar battery storage has been around for a few years, and now – with smart tariffs – it enables you to save money in at least three different ways. For example:

Most solar PV systems generate more electricity than the house can use. This excess electricity will flow out to the national grid and be lost. However, with solar battery storage, some of this surplus solar electricity is captured in one or a series of batteries and less energy flows out to the grid. This stored electricity will then automatically discharge to the house when you need it

Even if you don’t have solar panels, home or business battery storage can bring benefits. Modern smart tariffs charge you at different rates for the electricity you use at different times of the day. For example, you might pay 7p per unit at night and 35p during the day. Home battery storage allows you to fill your battery with cheap electricity off-peak, and then let it out when you need it during the day when rates are higher. In this way, battery storage can lower your daily electricity bill.

When you join the electric car revolution, you’ll find the combination of solar panels and home battery storage is very attractive. You can store excess solar electricity in a battery during the day, then use it to charge your electric vehicle when you get home from work and plug in. There’s nothing like charging your car with energy from the sun

We are accredited installers of the following battery systems :

We install for Tesla Powerwall, Myenergi Libbi, GivEnergy, LG Chem & SolaX. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, we’ll talk you through the options.

Which type of solar battery storage meets your needs ?

There are two main decisions to make: (1) How much storage capacity in kWh do you need, and (2) Do you want to have power in a power-cut ? There are two makes that have most of the angles covered:

Tesla Powerwall

Solar battery storage Tesla Powerwall – Solar Battery Storage

This is a premium product that comes in one fixed size of 13.5kW. It offers emergency power in a power-cut as standard, and can even be mounted externally. The Powerwall is a great choice. We are an authorised reseller and certified installer.

Myenergi Libbi

Is a modular battery storage system that can range from 5Kw up to 20Kw

This is also a premium product and offers emergency power in a power-cut in exactly the same way as the Tesla Powerwall. This system can also be mounted externally