Commercial Solar PV Installation in Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset

Commercial solar installations help business deliver real financial savings in the workplace – cutting electricity.

We’ve installed commercial solar power in a variety of settings, helping our clients make the most of otherwise unused roof space.

Your Roof Space is a Business Asset

Office buildings often have large tracts of unused, unappreciated roof space. We see this space as an unmissable opportunity.
Commercial buildings often provide easy access to install substantial arrays of solar PV panels for generating electricity.

Real Business Savings

The results of our installations are real business savings: reduced electricity bills from solar pv.

Code Compliant

The natural partner for architects and surveyors, we are fully accredited and will help ensure that your property is compliant with environmental targets including:

  • Building Regulations
  • IEE wiring regulations
  • Carbon reduction targets
  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • BREEAM – BRE Environmental Assesment Method
  • Office buildings

Any Business Can Benefit

The application of renewable energy systems to business today are seen to be a real asset, the cost of which can often be off-set against taxable profits as capital expenditure. It provides protection against rising electricity costs and demonstrates your green credentials by lowering your business carbon footprint.

Businesses that will benefit the most are typically high energy users including:

  • Public sector – schools, hospitals, leisure centres, swimming pools
  • Farms
  • Sports clubs
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels

We offer expertise and experience of fitting large and small commercial systems including roof mounted, integrated (solar tiles and in-roof panels), and ground mounted systems. We can also power off grid systems with battery storage for agricultural use or locations where mains supply is unavailable not reliable

Domestic Solar PV Installation

Solar PV systems simply convert sunlight into electricity. An array of solar panels are installed directly onto your roof and connected to your existing power supply. This electricity is fed straight into the power supply of the property. It saves on your bills as the system always uses your own PV electricity before drawing it from your power supplier. Any excess is then automatically exported.

From 2022 the government has announced that there is no VAT payable on Domestic Installations for the next 5 years. This includes any associated work in relation to the installation including Battery Storage if carried out at the same time.

Meridian Environmental can install or supply Solar PV arrays from 1kW upwards.

RECC (Renewable Energy Comsumer Code)

RECC (Renewable Energy Comsumer Code)
Meridian Environmental Limited are a code member of the RECC and as a member have to make you aware of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service that the RECC offer. Information can be found in Section 9 of the Consumer Code which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

RECC Website: